Artist Statement
Lee Withington, 2018
My work is a regular practice of paying deep attention to the living world. Focusing on everyday places and landscapes where balance may or may not occur. Through video, I explore how humans relate to animals, with a particular focus on our separateness and the struggles that may ensue. Topics that I explore are empathy as a way of engagement, the bias of language, and our connectedness with all life.

I use drawing, writing, research, and camera to create single-channel videos. Originating out of a personal experience that involves a subject for which I care about. Site-specific work that’s able to expand to other locations and build relationships that bring landscape and people into the work. Additionally, an experiential site where the viewer experiences the event or object in a sensory way. I create a narrative that expresses our imbalance with the earth and ways which we can see -- or explore, that through human empathy.